how to get rid of bad vibes

how to get rid of bad vibes

We are constantly bombarded with negative evibes from different people and places. If we are careless accept these energies slowly and constantly accumulating to become our property. In addition, negative energies can hook up in our psyche and in very sensitive areas, eg. In the heart. The more spiritual work we put on ourselves, the more we treat our psychic wounds, then it is less likely that these negative energies will have an impact on our lives. However, every day we all have to be very vigilant on the energies that surround us.

how to get rid of bad vibes


Each of us is different and reacts differently to energy, but there are some common symptoms that occur in the event of negative energy attack us.

1. We feel around them irritable

2. We have difficulty dropping problems with this person, even when we feel that he should be let go, but still something is blocking us.

3. We react too emotionally, when this person comes into our environment. We are under its control.

4. After the meeting with such a person we feel weakness, and even resumes disease.

5. We doubt in yourself and in your own logic, accept the blame, charge your account as soon as possible to get rid of this person.

6. Increasingly tighter messed us to our personal affairs, such as .: a sudden we stopped the flow of money, are difficult for us to acquire or enter into force other problems we can not solve.

7. We feel that this person is still us cornered, he does not give up, still extends its tentacles energy in our direction.