Spiritual Protection

It happens to us that after meeting with some people a long time can not recover. Or we feel particularly irritated or “frazzled” energy. This is proof that We fell victims of psychic attack.

In some parts of the world people are afraid of “evil eye” of older women. Others believe that every curse must be fulfilled. I unconsciously we use curses. That is their weakness, because faith can not just “move mountains”.

When we talk about mental attack, most often they come to mind associations with curses, or the use of black magic. However, too often we are accusing the other of bad faith, hostility toward us and e offer fair judgments. Psychic attack may in fact be caused by unconsciously – eg. As a reflex of self-defense, if we can “step on someone’s toes.” So every day someone attacks us mentally, but also we attack.

It is true that many people encountered bad we want. But not because I personally have anything to us, just because they can not otherwise. They can not, despite the fact that every day declare love of neighbor as the guiding principle of his life and conduct. Many also worried about us not knowing that this will deprive us of energy and confidence in the protection of God and in our good fortune. These habits are so strong that even demand that relatives were worried about us giving us in this way, “proof of interest and love.” Most often we do not realize that this concern is in fact like a curse. Additionally, even in “good faith” repeat family members of wisdom such as “never you fail,” “our family curse for generations, and so you can not change anything,” “and so you dumber, weaker” “enemy lurks everywhere”, “aliens are bad people,” “you are guilty and unworthy – God will punish you,” “you suck”, “how are you will not learn, it will be an ass,” etc., etc.. By repeating such ” the wisdom of life “themselves we create hell on Earth. I mentally attack those to whom we declare love at almost every step. After all the love we want to become better! Then I wonder, because instead of gratitude, get a rejection. But as Cuba God as God Cuba. However, we think that happens to us is an injustice, because in our “good heart” and “good” advice no one wants to even talk to us. Then many dating back to the methods of magic. They want to become more convincing neighborhoods. Hence the interest rates manipulation, etc., Although they can so they do not call.

Instead, these bizarre treatments should forgive the near and entrust the care of God, and protection. It is worth to remember that he is more powerful than me, and that more might. Thanks relieved for us and our loved ones.

We live in a fairly aggressive external environment. Almost all of us – especially in a big city – every day he meets with an attack of mental leveled directly against him.
They attack us aggressive advertising and aggressive salesmen. Also, the mass media do not lag behind. Some of the attacks directed against us is the work of people specially trained in the art of manipulating others. This part is designed to draw money out of our pockets or favoring certain groups or purposes – political or religious. I’m almost used to it. However, we feel the rebellion and meeting with such practices become increasingly aggressive in our reactions. It’s normal if you do not know other ways to defend themselves against attacks on our integrity. But before most of them defend themselves naturally, effectively, in addition unconsciously. As a result, we manage to survive the many a difficult situation.

With the phenomenon of psychic attack we have to do almost anywhere. Wherever one is considered to be stronger than others, trying to impose their will or their opinion. At home, school, workplace and religious group. Often, the attacker uses at the manipulation or other “tricks below the belt”, but its effectiveness is particularly high when he manages to hit the weak points of his victims. This last condition the effectiveness of manipulation should examine particularly closely, and this in order to get rid of our weaknesses, so that so easily succumb attacking us.

In practice, psychic attack can take the form of manipulation of psychic energy, almost hypnotic influence or energy vampirism. It happens that one person uses the same time all of these tricks. It happens when it is specially trained in the art of manipulation, or possessed by evil astral beings. In the latter case, psychic attack is sometimes the victim more comprehensive and more it upsets mentally and energetically. It also happens that we attack people who feed their demons.


Before any spiritual work must be carried out LIGHTS protection. There are many different methods and exercises. I would like to show you a simple and very effective method, which is recommended especially during this period of transformation, as many dark forces trying to persuade human beings to abandon its tracks, or at least hinder them in their spiritual work. It is a triple Lighting Protection – exercise consists of three parts.
We start turning to our guardian angel and spiritual guide, and we thank them for the help they gave. Now please our guardian angel to protect the spiritual work to make the dark forces powerless, and support the spiritual work. Please also our spiritual guide to lead us and helped.
We become aware of the spark of divine light in our hearts, which is our link with God and our soul. We allow the spark to grow until it becomes a flame, bigger and bigger, and finally a small sun that fills our entire physical body. Sun expands outward through the aura, our soul and illumines it. Filled in this way the light we make we no room for darkness. This light shines out to the horizon and a sign for other astral beings that light work is done and hurry to stand on your side.
Finally, please ray of light from God, who comes to us to create a protective and cleansing sphere. We sit in the middle of this sphere and within this sphere, our thoughts become clear and the darkness and filth are outside. It is a cleansing of your thoughts and energy to keep the darkness outside, because there is no room for darkness inside of harmony and light. It is not to create a protective wall, on the contrary, it is a cleansing, harmonizing, enlightening, as well as raising energy inside the light sphere.
It is advisable not to imagine a protective wall, as this wall symbolizes resistance. Resistance gives strength and power of this what you want to avoid by resisting, thus causing the opposite effect to what you try to do. The protective shield is a temptation for the forces of darkness to find a weak point in your blade. It is important to realize that it is necessary to accept the existence of darkness and fill with light, as it is the only way you may be able to truly protect. Remember, where there is light, there is no room for darkness. Each of the darkness trying to reach you will only be enlightened by it not being a risk for you, as it is no longer dark. Do not be afraid of the dark – just feed him the light.